We combine the mediums of art, fashion, & performance to challenge all forms of structural inequality.
We are unafraid and unbound by rules.



In the wake of the 9/11 attacks in 2001, a multinational group of St Andrews students, 3000 miles from the epicentre, decided to respond. DONT WALK was born, a symbolic response in essence, its spirit youthful and cosmopolitan. Through various artistic mediums, we communicate our controversial and unorthodox vision. It is this unique voice and agency of our team that makes this, and every year's iteration of DONT WALK such a celebration of the creative spirit. 



We celebrate the complexity of ambiguity in all forms of artistry, and as such, we strive to underscore the impact, or shock value, that can be achieved by juxtaposing one visual experience against the other. We seek to challenge all forms of structural inequality by influencing both public discourse and contributing to organizations that support education and conflict prevention efforts. We are unafraid and unbound by rules.



Since its inception, DONT WALK has raised over £220,000 for charities that combat forms of structural inequality. For the third year in a row, DONT WALK will be supporting the Robin Hood Foundation, based in New York City. Funds raised through DON’T WALK will also be going to Salam LADC, based in Lebanon. We remain enthusiastic and committed to adding to our overall fundraising total in support of these two incredible charities. 


Scottish Registered Charity, No. SC042338  
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